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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday November 3 The Banff Mountain Book Awards

Today, I had a couple of media interviews and met lots of interesting people. I especially enjoyed a walk around town with Bill Buxton, the moderator for my panel tomorrow on writing a memoir.
At a literary lunch, I began to understand more about David Roberts, who wrote the inaccurate and hurtful Outside article on the Failure of Women's Climbing, when he read an excerpt from his memoir about finally looking up the family of his dead climbing partner decades later after the tragic accident. He was focused on his own experience and feelings with little apparent regard for the emotions of the family members that he was finally contacting after 39 years.

I spoke tonight to about 600 people tonight after the the Banff Mountain Book awards were announced. I was thrilled that the grand prize winner was Being Caribou, a book I'd hoped would win and thus become better known. It's a remarkable story dramatizing the importance of preserving the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

Then I signed books for over an hour.
40 books signed
Amazon #13,820 in Books


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