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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sunday October 23 Reed College signing

With Kristi Hiatt and Karen Shedd in Portland Oregon

Kristi, Karen, Diana, and I enjoyed a hike through a Portland park with huge ferns and moss covered trees. Then we went to Reed for my talk there. I always love returning to Reed which continues to look bigger and better than ever. Angela Ayres showed me a happy photo of her son Freddy, his lovely wife from Peru, and new baby, all very happy.

After my well attended talk at Reed, an attractive young woman introduced herself as the daughter of Toby Wheeler from the Endless Winter and a sophomore at Reed, quite a surprise indeed. I was pleased and relieved when she said my characterization of her father was accurate.

I enjoyed dinner, along with family and political discussions, with my second cousin Jim Crane, his wife Karla Forsythe, and George Cummings with whom I’m staying. George, a most hospitable host, first taught John Hall to climb at Reed in 1962.

Books signed 30
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