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Friday, October 28, 2005

Tuesday October 25 The LA Times and Powells

I awoke early to find the LA Times article on the web today. There were more than two thousand words about me and two photos, but only one mention of Breaking Trail.,1,6036381.story,2,264425.story

There was nothing about my November talk in Pasadena:

November 21 – Pasadena 7:00 pm, Vromans Book Store, 695 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena,

After an enjoyable brief appearance on AM Northwest, the woman who escorts writers suggested that since I didn’t have any further publicity bookings, we spend an hour signing books in the various local bookstores. Signed books sell better and it’s good to meet the people who work in the bookstores. During a two hour long driving trip I signed only a dozen books. It sure didn’t feel like a good use of time but the signed books will be placed in a visible place in the stores I hope.

Then George Cummings and I had an enjoyable lunch with Annie and Orton Hall, John Hall’s parents. As usual, we spoke of their beloved son and felt again the sadness of his death in an avalanche at age 26.

In the evening, I spoke at Powells, a large and wonderful Portland bookstore.
Books signed 35
Amazon: #9,524 in Books


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