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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Monday October 24 Which books will be on the front table?

Today I had an interesting long phone interview with Andrea Hoag, a reciewer for the Seattle PI, who has young children and is very interested in the issue of body burden of toxic chemicals in children. I took a walk with Ann Allen from Corvallis and then signed books at Barnes and Noble. It was a pleasant surprise that Brian and Sonia Hollander from Katmandu came to my talk.

Dan from Borders gave me more insights into the important question of getting books placed in the bookstores so that people notice them. Stores do have an area where employees can select books to display, but according to Dan, “It’s mostly a corporate decision, based on cooping money paid by the publisher, which books will be on front tables.”

Today fifty books signed

Amazon : #5,874 in Books


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