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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wed Nov 2 BART to the airport

My two days at home were a blur of unpacking, laundry, cleaning, phone interviews, photo requests, packing, and several more bookings as the next weeks get busier.
I decided to try BART to the airport which seemed an easy way compared to driving in a car or taxi during rush hour. In spite of two changes of train with my 50 pound of carry on luggage, all was well until I arrived at the airport. After a small epic taking the little train to Air Canada I discovered my flight actually left from United which was a three minute walk from where I’d started a half an hour ago, so I jogged back with all my baggage. And then had some problems persuading the security agent to let me on with my mammouth carryon. I was drenched in sweat and trembling with exhaustion by the time I stumbled on my flight.
But the flight was empty, comfortable and arrived half hour early so I will mange to catch the 10:30 bus to Banff which will get me there by 12:30. the next one is from 12:00 to 2:00, an unpleasant possibility. There’s snow on the ground here and people are relaxed and down-to- earth here. A different energy from Berkeley.


I’m in my luxurious room at the Banff conference center looking out at the dark snowy landscape thinking that this is a great place to relax and for a few days rejoice at last that Breaking Trail is finished and born into the world..

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