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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Thursday October 27 Meeting the noted artist and map maker Dee Molenaar at my Seattle Mountaineers talk

Dee Molenaar’s sketch map of Mt Everest

Since the Welti’s sold their house and are temporarily in a small apartment, I slept out on the porch which was somewhat colder and noisier than I’d anticipated. The next morning I was groggy when Diane Duthweiler picked me up to give me a ride to a news program that I thought was radio cable news. I was shocked to learn I was going to be on TV. Signing books at the local Band N, we met a manager at the bookstore with a Tibetan husband.

Back at the Welti’s, I’d fallen asleep again when Piro Kramar from our Annapurna expedition came by for a hike. Walking up Tiger Mountain, I was interested to learn about the good work Piro and Barbara Drinkwater, the physiologist who came with us to Bhrigupanth, do to rescue lost and abandoned animals on Vashon Island.

Then I rushed to get ready to speak for the Seattle Mountaineers I was thrilled that Dee Molenaar was in the audience. Dee is an artist and climber who nade many of the maps in Breaking Tail and also was on the famous 1952 expedition to K2. The crowd of 100 or so climbers was very enthusiastic and all the books were sold our once again.
Books signed: Forty
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