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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Gifts for our family, friends, and planet

Since this is the biggest shopping weekend of the year, I’d like to suggest alternatives gifts that conserve our natural resourses.

We in Western countries make up 20% of the world population, but we consume 80% of the earth’s resources. The average American consumes 30 times more than an Indian.Consider sometimes donating to a favorite charity in a friend’s name rather giving objects that use up our planet's natural resources. Some ideas for holiday gifts that are easier on the environment follow:
GIVE A GIFT OF YOUR TIME: Make a coupon for a gift of your time for such things babysitting, helping to paint a room at their house, shoveling snow, garden work in the spring, making a meal, food shopping, or teaching a skill. You show you care about your friends and don’t burden them with things they might not want or need (their tenth sweater, jacket, or small electronic device).
GIVE AN INTANGIBLE GIFT Give dancing lessons, tickets to the theater, invite friends to a movie or play with you, or give a certificate for a massage. Your gift won’t end up in a landfill.
MAKE SOMETHING: Take a course to learn to paint pictures, throw pots, knit scarves, or make other items that you can give as gifts.
BUY LESS Consider exchanging fewer presents Do you and your friends actually need more things? People may be surprised at this suggestion, but you can explain that the planet needs people to stop buying things they don’t need that use up our forests, water, and other natural resources. Sales Rank: #20,452 in Books


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