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Friday, November 18, 2005

Wednesday at the National Geographic

The day began with a circuitous drive to Horace Mann School for presentation to 60 third to sixth graders. The children had been well prepared by their teachers and knew an amazing amount about about mountains and geography. And they asked me some of the best questions ever. The Q and A went on a long time and was totally fun. After grabbing some sushi for lunch, we headed to Silver Springs MD and Bill Thompson’s Eye on Books, a nationally syndicated radio program.

Rain was sheeting down by the time I walked to Geographic for my talk. It had sold out weeks ago and was really fun in a great space. Based on suggestions from the Ashoka folks, I included a lot more about social and scientific issues in my talk at the Geographic and it was very well received. Indeed Greg, who heads the lecture series invited me to come back, saying it was refreshing to have speaker who had broader interests than just climbing peaks. From now on, I'll include more about social issues in all my talks, which I do think is more interesting and important.
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  • At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Tamra said…

    Saw you at the National Geographic in DC--wonderful presentation, especially liked the political musings and your personal stories. I didn't know who you were before that night--glad I went!


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