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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tuesday November 22 A Mountaineer with a Message

After doing my Ashoka foundation talk where I focused more on the environmental, social,l and political aspects of my travels, I realized this is a much more interesting story for me and the audience also. Much of this material is in the footnotes to BT, so I m can find this part easily.
I was talking with my good friend Carolyn Said about media last night and she suggested phoning West coast Live. I did and suggested what I think is a more interesting take on the book, especially for programs with an interest in politics. And West Coast Live was interested.

A Mountain Climber with a Message
AB has led trekking and climbing expeditions to the mountains around the world for decades. Now she wants to educate people to better understand the environmental, social, and political issues in the mountainous countries where she had climbed and explored.

Maybe this would be a better angle to get more PR, more in line with the tiems and my current interests.

Books signed 20 to get ready for being gone for three weeks
Amazon 6,240
For some unaccountable reason, it seems to be doing better.


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