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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Friday Nov 18 Media in San Francisco

My first day at home, I awoke with a bad sore throat feeling like I’d been run over by a truck, and stumbled about the house trying to put my life and the house back in order, birdseed in the feeder, catfood, litter, clean the water bowls, laundry, pack for today. All the while, I was drinking hot ginger lemon tea and hoping my voice could make it through the next few days of interviews and lectures.
First was a crisp and informative phone interview with Peter for National Geographic World Talk radio. I rushed to shower, dress, and choke down some food when Naomi Epel arrived to drive me to my KQED interview. The host, Josh Kornbluth, is the brilliant actor we heard at Berkeley Rep. Full of creativity and enthusiasm, he found details of my book no one had noticed before. Sarah Gerhardt, the other woman on the program was a world-class surfer, with a PhD in PChem, and a very challenging childhood. Her story aligned with my theory that women who choose life threatening endeavors often have had unusually difficult childhoods.
Elisabeth Pepin, the producer made a film about Sarah called One Winter Story and wrote "Sarah is the first woman in the world to do tow in surfing and to surf Mavericks. You can read more about her on our film website at:"
Then Naomi drove me around to sign books at SF bookstores which was fun. My throat was hurting as we made our way to Sinbads by the water to give an evening talk to the Explorer’s Club, an adventurous group including many women. I told the story of the founding of the Society of Women Geographers, back in the days when women couldn’t belong to the Explorers Club. Lee, the local Chair, graciously urged me to join.
Books signed: 65
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