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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nov 21 At home

I had a long talk with my book agent Felicia with the conclusion that I still need to keep doing book PR. I thought the silver lining of the fact that I had so little publicity during my book tour was that I had lots of untapped media possibilities for the paperback but Felicia said there wouldn’t be a paperback unless the hard cover did better. And even if there were, the bookstores wouldn’t want to carry it unless they had sold appreciable hard covers.
To date Breaking Trail has sent about 12K copies to the stores, but they need to sell those books by Christmas or they could well send them back to the publisher. This is not enough copies to warrant their printing a paperback version.
Since Annapurna sold 100K copies, there are likely many people out there who would be interested if they knew about the book, but I don't know how to reach them. Felicia said my editor at Scribner was happy with how the book was doing, although it wasn't well enough for a paperback.
After doing talks and media several times a day for most of the last months, I have succumbed to a bad cold and laryngitis. I have eight days at home to get better before heading for San Diego for my last book event of the year and then to Thailand and Burma.


  • At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Joan said…


    Not true that you have to sell all 12K in stores to have paperback come out (at least in my experience--Simon and Schuster put out FIRE IN MY SOUL in paper even though it only sold about 8 or 9K, I think, in stores)...
    Also, seems to me like you've gotten fabulous publicity: NYT review, LATimes, to keep it all in's a great book, and over time it will sell a lot. I am having fun giving away copies of your book--I picked up a few more signed copies from your assistant recently, and we're almost out again.

    Take care of yourself.

    Joan Lester


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