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Friday, November 18, 2005

Thursday November 17 Home at Last

Annalise called early to discuss the details of our trip to Thailand and then I got a happy call that my camera was found at Patti’s apt in NYC. Yeah!!
I visited Hannah at the Geographic, who lived in Pakistan and is very concerned about the plight of the victims of the earthquakes as winter approaches. We discussed the possibility of suggesting to MoveOn that they send out an appeal to donate to an outstanding nonprofit she knows in the region. Then I visited Rebecca who heads the Expeditions Committee to discuss the possibility of the Geographic supporting my retracing the GHT in a year of so. And finally I spent and enjoyable half hour chatting with Kojo Nmandi, a great host on NPR in DC. Miraculously I caught an earlier flight than planned and am heading home. I’m ready.

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