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Friday, October 21, 2005

Wednesday, October 19, Boulder, An Annapurna Anniversary Climb?

This morning I took my laptop to breakfast and was informed that laptops were not allowed in the dining room at the posh Union Club in Chicago. I wonder how long that policy will last. Having spoken there, I'm invited to stay at the luxurious author's suite at the Union Club for free anytime I'm in Chicago.

After a straight forward flight to Denver, I was met by Tonya Riggs, a very energetic and enthusiastic young climber from Boulder, who had written me:

“I would like to recreate your climb and take a team of 13 women to Annapurna on your 30th anniversary. I have tried to wipe out the idea over and over.....many people are trying to talk me out of it and it keeps coming back into my mind. Trango, the company I work for owns Stonewear Designs...we are teaming up with the HERA foundation to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. This is part of my motive for doing something special for a very good cause. I believe your story is HUGE......and I believe the women are special. I would like to remind the world of what you did.

I do want to encourage Tonya to dream big and support the HERA foundation, but I think Annapurna I is just too dangerous.

Tonya enjoyed a quick hike in the hills and a conversation about the current truce in Nepal with my good friends Marcus and Elisabeth before dinner with Maurice Isserman who is writing a fantastic history of Himlayan mountaineering.

The Boulder bookstore was packed, very likely due to a great article in the local paper. Tonya told me of amazing paralels between her childhood and mine,1713,BDC_8836_4163623,00.html

No of books signed: 40 at the Boulder Bookstore

Today: #9,131 in Books


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