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Friday, October 21, 2005

Thursday, October 20, Denver, ISET, Peak Oil, and Tattered Cover

Marcus and I enjoyed a very early walk in the hills where he asked me to join the board of the Institute for Social and Environmental Transition in Boulder. Marcus thought up the title for BreakingTrail and is one of my most creative friends. I am honored to work with him on ISET. Here’s the mission

First, we seek to improve understanding and elevate the level of dialogue as civil society attempts to respond to natural resource and environmental challenges in a rapidly changing global context.
, we seek to serve as a framework for equal collaboration between individuals and organizations in the North and South on programs that address the first mission.
There is more information at

Then I had a long interesting conversation with Roger Wendell at KGNU radio Morning Magazine. He invited me back to talk about environmental chemicals another time.

I signed books at Borders and Barnes &Noble in Boulder, CO where my book was not displayed. I wondered how anyone would know to find the book.

From there, we went to a signing at Wal-Mart in Commerce City where one customer came and I signed about 50 books for them to sell at other stores. I told them about my Annapurna book and they were interested. If they decide to carry it, it would definitely have been a worthwhile event.

After a second trip back to Boulder to retrieve my computer cord forgotten there earlier, I met up with my cousin Steve Vogler and we had a good dinner with my friends from Costa Rica Joan and Eric Gregerson at a brew pub owned by the mayor of Denver.

The mayor sounds fantastic. He helped set up high-level conference to discuss the impacts of a peak in world oil production that will be held in Denver, Colorado on November 10-11, 2005. The two-day forum is sponsored by the City and County of Denver and ASPO-USA.

Joan gave me the info below about Peak Oil, important to know about:
Nov 10-11 conference

There was a small but enthusiastic audience at the Tattered Cover that evening. (No PR at all in Denver. Sigh) I sighed about 30 books for the store.

Signed books: 90
Amazon rating #5,314 in Books


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