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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Monday, Oct 17 A Barking Dog in Boston

Today was relatively relaxed as I caught up with email and stayed with my good friend and Stanford roommate Mary Fedarko Roberts and her family. My two radio phone interviews were enlivened by Mary’s dog inevitably beginning to bark loudly during the interviews. Since I could not get close to the dog to stop him barking without the racket getting even louder, I tried to huddle under pillows to block the worst of the noise .

The evening talk was in Nadick’s Morse Institute Library near Wellesley. I was delighted that several old friends came to see me including Howard Simon, my dive partner and boy friend in the late 1960’s, Jim Huston, my Stanford friend who came on part of the the GHT, and Sonia Hicks from the Wellesley Chemistry Dept who gave me a leave of absence my first semester of teaching there so I could attempt Mt Everest.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow with a very early flight to Chicago, a late two-hour-long radio call-in and a lecture and scattering some of my mothers ashes in between if all goes well.

Books signed: 20 (More would have sold but that was all the bookstore brought)

Amazon today: #5,874 in Books


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