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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New York

Last night I arrived in New York after along flight on American (which actually had more leg room than United fortunately as I was in a middle seat.) Please come to my Explorer's Club talk tonight if you are near New York City. It's at seven at 46 E 70th Street, with a reception at six.

I was met and am staying with my dear friend Stacey Miller, the daughter of Luree Miller of whom I wrote in the Acknowledgements to Breaking Trail:

"My loving writing mentor, Luree Miller, first suggested the idea for this book. Over the decades I struggled to write it, I wasn’t consistently grateful to her for starting me on the project, but certainly am now that it’s approaching completion. I wish I could show it to her, but Luree died in 1996."

It was great to share the book with Stacey and remember Luree together. Luree wrote many wonderful books inlcuding "On Top of the World: Five Women Explorer's in Tibet" which is published by the Seattle Mountaineers.

On Top of the World: Five Women Explorers in Tibet (Paperback)
by Luree Miller "It was the Himalayas that lured Nina into her rash venture..." (more)
CAPs: Alexandra David-Neel, Isabella Bird Bishop, Annie Taylor, Fanny Bullock Workman, Central Asia (more)

My Amazon number isn't so good today


Today: #9,120 in Books
Yesterday: #8,925 in Books

But there is a good new review on Amazon
A fascinating account, October 11, 2005
Reviewer:Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - See all my reviews
Mountain climbing drama comes to life in mountaineer, biochemist, and author Arlene Blum's Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life. Blum has written about climbing before in Annapurna: A Woman's Place: her latest is the story of how she got to be a climber, moving from an overprotected Chicago childhood to reach some of the highest mountains on Earth. Each chapter starts with a memory from her early life, which serves as a starting point to trace an element which contributed to her becoming a climber. A fascinating account.

Here's my schedule in New York, FYI.

Tuesday, October 11

PULSE. XMs newest morning show. Arlene will be joining us at our NY studios located at 20 West 60th Street NY, NY 10023. 10:30 am.

Meet my cousin for lunch "Sue French"
Meet Jean Taylor

Be at the Explorer’s club at 5:30

6: 00 p.m Reception Explorers Club 46 E 70th Street

7:00 slide lecture and signing

Tuesday & Wednesday staying at Millennium
Hotel Millennium Cothorne Hotels Millennium Broadway Hot

Wed. 7:00 am Central Park walk

11:00 am Scribner to meet the wonderful people who have worked on the book with me Lisa, Sam, Lucy, Molly


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