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Friday, October 14, 2005

October 14 Friday at LL Beans

Today things went better, mostly. I was met last night by Mary Yeo who took me home to comofortable old New England home and fed me a very late but delicous supper.

Then I had three interviews in a row, two postponed from yesterday. During the TV interview I answered the questions aksed of me. Only afterwards did I realize that the book and my signing were not mentioned. Another lesson is "Alwasy mention the title of your book during an interview."

I had inadvertantly scheduled two interviews at ten am but the second interviewer read my blog from yesterday while waiting for me and was sympathetic to my having made this error.

Then I went to Beans, where we attracted some attention from the non-shopping spouses of shoppers mostly. Chatting with people was fun, but it was up to Mary to do the sales pitch which she did admirably.

After a drive in the rain we met Ann Messer and Danny Gordon for a fun dinner in Jackson. The rain grew heavier.

Ther forecast for tomorrow is for rain all day, with a front coming in at night bringinf 100mph winds and icing on top. It doesn't sound good for a book launch party on top on Saturday.

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