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Friday, December 09, 2005

Saturday , December 10 Kura Buri Thailand

It is very early morning and I’m sitting on the porch above the river back in the little cabin above the river where Annalise has been living, listening to a symphony of frogs, crickets, and night birds interrupted by occasional loud squeaks from the gecko resident in the walls.
The dive trip to the Similian and Surin Islands and Richalieu Rock was one of the best of my many years of diving and an amazing introduction to diving for Annalise at age 18. The Thai food at meals was delicious, the boat (with large Buddha eyes painted on the bow) comfortable, and Sea Dragon Divers who ran the trip were extremely competent. The trip had to be well-organized with 20 divers, a dive staff of five and a crew of six on a not so big boat. I would recommend this live-aboard trip as an excellent one at an affordable price. for more information.
We made more than a dozen dives and saw lush coral reefs full of brilliant tropical fish, moray eels peering our of the rocks, lionfish with their outrageous fluted and striped fins, turtles and larger fish calmly swimming by, and the whole range of invertebrates from tiny nudibranchs in brilliant colors to giant clams. We also saw lots of other divers on these popular reefs, very different from my early dives where a buddy and I would have a reef to ourselves.
Today we will visit a village where Annalise taught English to say goodbye. Her class today was cancelled as most of the villagers are out fishing for jellyfish.
Tomorrow evening I will do a book event in Yangon, Myanmar.
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